HDD class: 10 – 13 tons

101 HP strong Deutz Diesel enginge – the TERRA-JET DJ 23

Built from our customer’s feedback and input, the DJ 23 is a modern evolution of productive and enhanced horizontal directional drill units designed by TERRA.

Powered by a proven 101 HP strong DEUTZ Diesel engine (Tier 4 final) the TERRA-JET DJ 23 offers up to 11 tons of thrust and pullback force, 3.100 Nm of torque and a maximum spindle speed of 284 rpm.

The compact, yet powerful machine reduces jobsite footprint and has increased productivity. The fast set up time, the increased movability and a user friendly operator interface make the DJ 23 one of the most productive HDD machines in its class.

Movable cabine

The cabin of the hdd drill rig TERRA-JET DJ 23 can be turned from 0° to 60°, even if the operator sits in the cabine. The cabine turnes by a hydraulic cylinder.

Intelligent drilling assistant systems

Intelligent drilling assistant systems like the thrust control, carve mode, the drill speed control, the ADBSe and the AUTO TORK make the drilling more efficient and more easy. The operator can relax, the machine does the work. The electronical CLP control manages all drilling assistant systems and feels the underground. Like this the machine operates at highest performance. An integrated camera above the driving saddle allows a perfect view on the drill rod connector. It is transferred live on the 12” display in the cabin.

Protocol your site

The DJ 23 is equipped with an on-board computer with large 12″ screen. It records the torque, the rotation speed, the drilling fluid volume and pressure and the drilling forces according to the German norm DVGW 321. The screen shows all relevant drill data like thrust and pullback forces, the torque, the rotation speed and the drill fluid pressures for a complete bore. Additionally the on-board computer makes the service diagnostics easy.

High pressure FMC pump for more productivity

The high-pressure FMC pump is on board. With an increased drilling volume of 185 ltr/min contractors can face various challenging ground conditions. Optionally TERRA offers an FMC pump with 260 ltr/min of drilling volume.

Rack and Pinion with integrated camera

Thrust and pullback of the driving saddle are carried out via rack and pinion drive. This is reliable and powerful. Three hydraulic motors with gear boxes move the driving saddle. The bent axis variable displacement motor of the driving saddle creates the high torque (AUTO TORK).

The integrated camera above the driving saddle allows a perfect view on the drill rod connector. It is transferred live on the 12” display in the cabin for best-in-class visibility.

Oscilating drill ramp

TERRA has developed a new oscilating drill ramp for the DJ 23. It has two rotation points with two cylinders. With this unique system, the drill ramp can move from 19% up to 40% (11° – 22°). The rubber crawler stays at the ground up to 36% for a good stability.

AutoTork: the new hydraulic-electronic control

Conventional HDD machines operate with a two-gear-control. They operate either with high torque at low speed or with high rotation speed at low torque. AutoTork is a new hydraulic-electronic control, which measures the underground and guarantees that the TERRA-JET always operates at its optimum. AutoTork starts at highest rotation speed with 284 rpm. If the ground gets harder and more torque is requiered at the drilling tool, AutoTork automatically increases the torque up to the required value and reduces the rotation speed accordingly.

Drill Rod Magazine (Hot-Dip galvanized), easy reloading

The DJ 23 has 52 drill rods on board, each 3.05 m (10 ft) long. This adds up to a total drill length of 158.5 m (495 ft). The drill rod magazine is hot‐dip galvanized. This protects the surface. For longer bores you refill the magazine easily and fast or you just exchange the empty drill rod magazine against a full one.

Drive Remote Control

The DJ 23 has a drive remote control. You can use it beside the HDD-machine. The DJ 23 can be driven by sitting in the cabine or walking besides the HDD-drill.

Technical Data

*   Depending on ground conditions
** Depending on drill rod size
Technical specifications can be changed without previous notice.

Pullback force
110 kN (11 t)
22’900 lbs
Thrust force
110 kN (11 t)
22’900 lbs
Engine power
Deutz 74.4 kW (101 PS)
Deutz 74.4 kW (101 HP)
Torque, max.
3’100 Nm
2’930 ft.lbs
Drill rod rotation speed, max.
284 U/min
284 rpm
Drilling fluid volume
185 l/min
50 gpm
Drilling fluid volume, optional
260 l/min
75 gpm
Drilling fluid pressure, max.
80 bar
1.160 psi
drilling speed – quick gear
43 m/min
141 ft/min
drilling speed – at full load
10 m/min
33 ft/min
pullback speed – quick gear
43 m/min
141 ft/min
pullback speed – at full load
10 m/min
33 ft/min
ø of the pilot bore
60 – 110 mm
2.5” – 4”
Entry angle, min.
11° (19 %)
11° (19 %)
Entry angle, max
22° (40 %)
22° (40 %)
Backreaming diameter, max.*
ø 420 mm
ø 17″
Maximum drilling length*
150 m
500 ft
Drill rods, length
3.05 m
10 ft
Drill rod, diameter
60/54 mm
Bending radius, min.**
34 m
110 ft
Driving speed
3.3 km/h
2.3 miles/h
noise emission at operator’s ear – without cabin
85 dB(A)
85 dB(A)
Guaranteed sound power level Lwa
104 dB(A)
104 dB(A)
Dimensions L x W x H (transportation position)
6.10 x 1.80 x 2.53 m
20,0 x 5,58 x 8,25 ft
Dimensions L x W x H (working position)
6.07 x 2.20 x 2.53 m
19,9 x 7,2 x 8,3 ft
Dimensions L x W x H (driving position)
5.92 x 1.80 x 2.63 m
19,4 x 5,9 x 8,6 ft
Weight without drill rods
6.8 t
18.800 lbs
weight incl. drill rods
8.2 t
15.700 lbs


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