Rod Pusher 12.5 to (27’000 lb)

The ideal machine for your house connections – TERRA-JACK TJA 125

The TERRA-JACK TJA 125 stays in between an underground piercing tool and a small HDD pit launched machine. The directional rod pusher TERRA-JACK 125 is designed for directional house connections and road crossings in lengths up to 30 m (100 ft). The bore channel can be expanded up to 130 mm (5“). It is like a small HDD pit launched machine but doesn’t require bentonite because it only displaces the ground like a mole. On the other hand it is like an underground piercing tool which you can steer. The ground must be easily displaceable.

Cellar operations

To drill out of a cellar, the wall flange is screwed tight against the cellar wall. The TERRA-JACK is carried into the cellar and screwed and connected tight with the wall flange via four bolts.

Pit operations

The pit frame covers the high forces of the TERRA‐JACK against the ground. The handling is simple because the frame is split into 2 sections. The extension frame is used for pit operations. It protects the drill rods from dirt.

Manhole operations

The TERRA-JACK can be assembled in a manhole Ø 800 mm (32”) or Ø 1000 mm (41”). This allows directional bores from manholes.

Drilling tools

The TERRA‐JACK pushes a drill rod through the ground. The drill head cuts a bore channel into the ground. The drilling tools for the TERRA‐JACK 125 fulfill highest quality standards to finish even difficult bores successfully.
In the drill head there is the slim sonde for the location of the pilot bore. TERRA offers different directional heads for different ground conditions.

Expanding tools

As soon as the drill head reaches the target pit, it is replaced by the expander cone. This cone expands the pilot bore, when it is pulled back. Simultaneously it pulls in the HDPE pipe.
Depending on the ground conditi ons, expander cones up to ø 130 mm (5″) can be used. This allows to pull in HDPE pipes up to OD 110 mm (4.3″). Soft ground conditi ons allow larger pipe diameters.

Power pack

The TERRA‐JACK is powered by a proven 13 HP strong Vanguard petrol power pack. It offers up to 22 ltr/min at 190 bar. The TJA 125 can also be driven by a mini‐excavator or a backhoe.

Control unit

The control unit controls the hydraulic cylinders. It is assembled between the hydraulic power pack and the TERRA-JACK. You can reel the hydraulic houses (below) and the remote cable with the battery cables (on top).

Transportation frame

With the transportation frame you can load and transport easily the TERRA‐JACK including all accessories such as the locating system, the rods or the assembling tools. This saves time and money on site.

Technical Data

*   Depending on ground conditions. Only in easily displaceable ground.

Technical specifications can be changed without previous notice.

pilot bore diameter
ø 45 mm
ø 1.8”
maximum backream diameter*
ø 130 mm
ø 5”
maximum drilling length *
30 m
100 ft
pushing force at 190 bar
125 kN (12.5 to)
27’000 lbs
pulling force at 190 bar
82 kN (8.2 to)
18’000 lbs
max. oil pressure
190 bar
2’750 psi
ideal oil volume
20 – 30 ltr/min
5 – 8 gpm
Dimensions pit cradle LxWxH
(58 – 76.5) x 51 x 22 cm
(22.8” – 30.6”) x 20.0” x 8.7”
weight of the pit cradle
71 kg
157 lbs


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