HDD class: 4 – 6 tons, pit launch machine

Pit launched drilling with the MINI-JET LV 1600

The MINI-JET MJLV 1400 is a strong pit launched machine with 6 tonnes (13’200 lbs) of pullback and thrust force and 1’600 Nm (1200 ft.lbs) of torque. With this machine all the advantages of pit launched machines are united in one machine. It was developed especially for the Swiss Alps, where you do not have a lot of space, no flat fields and difficult underground. TERRA has patented a special double cylinder drive, where two cylinders move the driving saddle for- and backwards with no loss of power. This is unique worldwide. With the MINI-JET LV you can drill 120 m and backream up to Ø 300 mm (12”).
The MINI-JET LV is the long version of the smaller MINI-JET. The special drill rods are 1.5 m (100 ft) long and have a bending radius of 25 m (75 ft).

The MINI-JET LV can be adapted with rock drilling tools for hard ground conditions.

The Swiss Engineers have once more proven their strength in high-quality engineering.

Option: rubber crawler

With the optional rubber crawler your MINI-JETLV can be used like a small HDD drill rig. The rubber crawler has its own petrol engine HONDA GX 390 (10 kW, 13 PS). With the standing plate form for the driver the HDD drill rig is stabilised. With the integrated cylinder the entry angle can easily be adjusted.

  • dimensions L x W x H (MJLV 1400 with rubber crawler): 3.60 x 0.86 x 1.75 m / 11.9 x 2.85 x 5.8 ft
  • weight (MJLV 1400 with rubber crawler): 1’000 kg (2’200 lbs)

Mixing and pumping system

  • with separate 1’100 ltr-tank (290 gal) for Bentonite or Ejactomer
  • with support plate for 2 bags of Bentonite each 25 kg (50 lbs)
  • the Bentonite can be easily filled into the funnel mixing pump with 800 ltr/min (210 gpm)
  • injector (venturi jet)
  • 1’100 ltr (290 gal) of drilling fluid are mixed with Bentonite within 4 minutes high pressure drilling fluid pump of FMC
  • maximum drilling fluid volume: 52 ltr/min (12 gpm)
  • maximum drilling fluid pressure: 55 bar (800 psi)

HATZ Diesel Power Pack

  • with 3 cylinder HATZ Diesel engine with 42 kW (57 HP)
  • the Diesel engine operates at 2’050 r.p.m.
  • with 2 independent hydraulic circuits
    70 ltr/min @ 205 bar (18 gpm @ 2’500 psi) for the pit frame
    28 ltr/min @ 125 bar (7.5 gpm @ 1’800 psi) for the mixing + pumping station
  • large oil cooler with 14 kW cooling power, allows even ropical and desert operation
  • service friendly
  • environmentally friendly, Euro stafe 5
  • 12 Volt plug with 5 A (60 W)
Technical Data

*   Depending on ground conditions
** Depending on drill rod size
Technical specifications can be changed without previous notice.

pullback force
6 t (60 kN)
13’200 lbs (6.6 US tons)
thrust force
6 t (60 kN)
13’200 lbs (6.6 US tons)
driving power
42 kW (57 PS)
42 kW (57 HP)
1600 Nm
1200 ft.lbs
drill rod rotation speed, 1st speed
150 U/min
150 rpm
drill rod rotation speed, 2nd speed
Drilling fluid volume, max.
52 l/min
13 gpm
Drilling fluid pressure, max.
70 bar
1000 psi
pilot bore diameter
ø 55 mm
ø 2″
maximum backream diameter*
ø 300 mm
ø 12″
maximum drilling length *
120 m
400 ft
drill rods, length
1.5 m
5 ft
drill rods, diameter
ø 45 mm
ø 1.8″
minimum turning radius**
25 m
80 ft
Dimensions pit cradle LxWxH
2.30 x 0.60 x 1.15 m
7.6 x 2.0 x 3.8 ft
weight of the pit cradle
ca. 430 kg
950 lbs


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